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Although we carry a full DME line, we specialize in respiratory care. Walson Inc. has 7 Respiratory Therapists on staff, including the owner. To support our respiratory program, a Respiratory Therapist will visit the patient following the initial oxygen set-up. Their goal is to educate all patients on their equipment, such as oxygen concentrators, BIPAPs, CPAPs, and nebulizers. They are also available to perform a full assessment on the patient.

In order to provide quality care for our oxygen patients, an RT will be available for annual visits. During this visit, a complete assessment of the patient is performed. Our RT will also make sure that there have been no status changes in the patient's needs and that the patient is continuing to receive benefit from the respiratory equipment.

Pulse oximetry is available to the patient for spot check as well as for overnight sleep studies.

As an added benefit, our patient program notes are available to the patient's supervising doctors and nursing staff.

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